About Us

About Us

Our tour program is supporting cultural- education and art activities around Borobudur.

The art activities are based on my first novel “Nawung mimosa of java (Nawung, Putri malu dari jawa). Therefore we are currently working on an animation project, yet represented by a teaser on YouTube, an exhibition hall, school activities and an outdoor village movie theatre.

At the same time I am counseling a group of adolescents for English education and basic life skills.

The projects alm is to avoid more souvenir sellers at the temple and guide them towards a better quality of personal and economical life.

With a touch of spirituality we share with you the basics of the Javanese philosophies way of life and knowledge of Buddhism while guiding you around the temple's area. To be continued by a touch of authentic friendliness of the surrounding village’s inhabitants. For you to take back home as a memorable experience.

Thank you for supporting our program by joining our tour. Your participation supports our development program for culture art and education in our area.


Warmest regards,
Galuh Larasati 

Kaleidoscope of Java